It’s funny, when I titled this strip it still looked like it was going to be up at 8:00 – Oh irony, you cruel mistress!

Due to the late hour and tired cartoonist, this is going to be a short blog post! I had a bit of fun with this strip though – and we finally got the answer to the question everyone (no-one) has been wanting to know: What is under that labcoat, anyway?! Was also nice to draw Mate again – haven’t seen that cheeky little fellow since way back in Strip #60, and I’m looking to bring him into the background of more of the strips set around the house :-)

Lastly, for our overseas Averagistas who might not be aware of the terrible, contagious cancer that was close to driving the Tasmanian Devil to extinction in recent years, you can find out about it here. The danger’s still far from over for the little guys, but at least there’s some control measures being put in place that seem to be having a positive effect. Looks like they’ll take all the help they can get in the fight if they’re turning to Australia’s maddest scientist!

Thanks for reading guys, look forward to seeing you here again on Sunday! :-D

Till then Averagevils!

Terence MacManus