Hey everyone, and welcome back to Average Joe!

Just to clear a couple of things up, this strip follows directly on from the last one (which accounts for Joe’s appearance in panel one), and that scorch mark next to the toaster? Well, this is the first time we’ve seen the kitchen again since this strip…

So, this doesn’t seem like it’s a great hero moment for Joe! At least we know from his current appearance that  he did go in to help those guys, so I guess that’s something!

Sorry for the short blog post today, a bit worn out from wrestling with a malfunctioning car (which after a long examination turned out to be a malfunctioning car key) all morning – thank God I had the world of Average Joe to smooth out my frazzled nerves, and thank you all for coming by to read these silly pictures and make it all worthwhile!

Will see you back here on Wednesday, Averagorities!

Terence MacManus