Man, I can’t believe he “fell” for that! (Get it? Eh? D’ya get it? Cos he…yeah, you get it!)

So this was an interesting weekend which has led to a late update, but not for the reasons I’d first feared! You see, this weekend was the official pre-release of a bunch of new cards for Magic: The Gathering (Dragon’s Maze release), which meant the local store where I play was holding a midnight tournament. I’d expected to be running a little tired after that, but had paid and planned to drop in for the second tournament at midday…what I hadn’t been expecting was that the tournament would take six hours, leaving us all just about enough time to get home and crash for four hours before going back and doing it all again (for a much more reasonable five hours the second time round!).

Now, having Saturday written off was ok – I’d planned for that (length of tournament notwithstanding). However, the Friday morning of the midnight release, I’d managed to do myself a shoulder injury while trying to – wait for it – open a jar of jam. I swear, that thing might as well have been sealed in a vacuum. Strained so hard on the bugger that something between my shoulder blades audibly popped. Got the lid off after that, so man-cred still intact (for this part of the story at least).

Now, apparently, there are certain things you probably shouldn’t do after sustaining some sort of muscle strain/injury to your shoulder. A couple of those things seem to be:
1. Participate in a six-hour marathon of looking down and hardly moving whilst holding your arms in front of you, and;
2. Getting bugger-all sleep before doing it all over again.

even this would probably have been all right, except for the third clause, which I completed this morning:
3. The next day, jump up and down waving your hands above your head vigorously while re-enacting for your wife, a scene where someone on The Antiques
 was told their ceramic monkey conductor was worth a lot of money.

…so yeah.The end result of all that was an inability to turn my head or lift my left arm. Thankfully, I draw with my right hand, but it did slow me down a bit more than I was expecting.

And if anyone asks, I’m going to tell them I got injured wrestling a crocodile that wandered on to the football field where I was single-handedly challenging the team from the maximum-security wing of Barwon prison.

Back me upon this, you guys.

Anyway, hopefully things will come right before Wednesday’s update is due! Will keep people up-to-date over on the Average Joe Facebook Page, so if you’re not on board over there yet, head over and Like it now!

Otherwise, we’ll see you back here on Wednesday, Averagasseuses!

Terence MacManus.


P.S. I did manage to get a start of tidying up some of the old strips on ANZAC day last week – Standardized the file sizes and formats of the first 20 or so, and got on to putting in some of the ‘time stamps’ on the old strips to better denote where they sit in relation to storyline VS chronology – will keep pottering away at it, looking forward to announcing they’re all done sometime soon!