That guy again?! Guess that train mustn’t have bothered him much…But isn’t he after Joe? I’m so confused, if only I thought some of these mysteries might get answered!

So, I feel like I should bring it to people’s attention that it’s ANZAC day tomorrow, especially considering we have an army chopper making a cameo (see what I did there?) with the Major in today’s strip. For our overseas audience who might not know of this day of remembrance, it’s a super important day when  the nation stops to thank the brave men and women past and present who are serving our country in the armed forces (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps – ANZAC).

The other great thing about ANZAC day is that it’s a public holiday, which means I’m going to have a bit of time up my sleeves tomorrow – I hope to be able to use the time to work on a bit of the Average Joe archives and try to tidy them up a bit – some of those early files are a bit of a patchwork of file sizes, qualities and resolutions, and can take a little while to load up sometimes… I’ve also been looking forward to  having some time to try and tidy up the little timeline signatures across the strips in the archives to help people keep track of which strips are set in the ‘present day’ and where the  strips being told as ‘stories’ to Fatale fit into the timeline. Will be able to get a start on that at least, so watch this space! :-)

So until Sunday then, have a great week everyone, and we’ll catch you back here then (assuming I don’t get completely swallowed by the Dragon’s Maze – but that’s a story for the Sunday blog post!)

Till then, AveragNZACS

Terence MacManus