Uh-oh, she’s got the angry eyes…

Those of you new to Average Joe might not recognise these guys and what they’re up to, since we haven’t seen them since November last year (yikes!). So here’s a few links to what they’ve been up to! :-)

I had a lot of fun drawing this today, actually – I know tonight’s isn’t a funny strip but it’s one of the story beats I’ve been planning for a while, to feed directly into the next series of ‘present day’ strips. I reckon these guys are going to be pretty fun together, look forward to exploring it a bit more coming up :-)

So, as a happy coincidence, tonight’s 99th update coincides nicely with The Webcomic Beacon Newscast’s 99th episode as well! Will be helping record it tomorrow morning, so don’t forget to check out the Webcast Beacon Network to catch it when it’s up!

Otherwise, looking forward to strip #100 going up this week! I know people in the industry say not to get too hung up on the milestone numbers, but there’s something nice about cresting triple digits ;-)

So on that note, fellow Averageaders, have a great start to the week, and we’ll catch you back here soon!

Terence MacManus