Apologies to Joel Madden in this one – I imagine any large surface that spends all day facing the undersides of birds is not a place you want to end up! Congratulations on his Logie award though, regardless of Joe’s histrionics :-)

So I know I promised that this update was going to be back to our ‘present day’ in the story arc, but when the Logies results came out, I just knew I had to have Joe’s reaction to it all in there – as an actor, he’s just self-centred enough to turn up and expect to win an award for all his recent good work, and he’s just dumb enough to forget that nobody knows the guy who saved the city is a wannabe celebrity eligible for an industry award :-)

Anyway, it was fun to do (although one of the panels in this had me stretching some art muscles – can you guess which one took me two hours to do? Best guess in the comments gets a prize!*)

Look forward to bringing that planned strip back for the Sunday update – see you all again then!

Have a great week, Averagominees!

Terence MacManus


*some conditions apply. You must be over 85 years of age to enter competition, or have the written consent of your parent, guardian, or alien parasite. Competition not eligible to residents outside Uzbekistan. Competition winner will have to prove they are older than the eligible entrance age by agreeing to be sawn in half so the rings can be counted.