Hey there everyone!

Today’s strip was fun – not the least because I had the opportunity to do a little something fun for the fans! :-)
You might notice that the article featured in panel 1 looks a little more detailed than usual – this is because I did actually write out the article in full, and post it to the Average Joe Facebook Fan Page (link)! So don’t forget to head on over and check it out – it was really weird actually, since I haven’t written anything in a newspaper article format since I finished Year 12 English (too long ago) – Mr. Leary, if you’re reading, please be forgiving!

So today’s strip also officially brings this latest arc to a close! As of Wednesday, we’re going to return to the present day for a little bit in the lead up to strip #100 (I’m fully intending to be excited by the arbitrary number, dammit!) – I’m really looking forward to hitting the milestone; and pushing beyond! Thanks for sticking in for the long haul, guys – I look forward to bringing the next strip to you on Wednesday :-)

Till then, Averagevelers!

Terence MacManus