*EDIT* Wow, when I wrote this I must have been more feverish than I thought! Please disregard the statement at the bottom saying there’d be a new strip up on Easter Sunday – The next strip will be up on Wednesday the 3rd April to accomodate the family and choir commitments I have over the Easter period :-) *EDIT*

Before we begin, a reminder about the Con of 2002

…and the realisation that today’s strip title is actually kind of meta…

So! Finally got the comic up for Wednesday (Thursday)! Apologies for being so late guys, but I had the (man)flu pretty hard on Tuesday/Wednesday and it absolutely killed my ability to look at the computer screen (darn headache-inducing technology!).

Of course, those of you who know I sing with a local church choir and those of you who also realise that this week is the holiest week of the church’s calendar may notice that it’s a bad week for a chorister to get a head cold. It’s worse when said chorister is also doing a couple of solos on Holy Thursday, including one which is the hardest song he’s ever had to learn…

But! In true proof that prayer works (cos believe me I was praying like craaaazy) It all went off pretty well, and allowed me to return to complete the strip tonight in more or less living fashion! So hurrah for that!

Looking forward to seeing you back here after the short break to Sunday – Have a great long weekend and eat lots of chocolate!

See you then, Averagaiters!

Terence Macmanus