Ok, ok – I know the technical term for receiving the wrong type of blood is a Hemolytic Reaction, but Blood Poisoning is just a lot punchier for a comic, so there. ;-)

This strip hits on one of the biggest problems I had with Heroes (well, Before Season three…), and I’ve also seen it pop up in Smallville, and periodically in ANYTHING that has a character with a healing factor. For some reason, a drop of their blood in someone else has some weird magical power (beyond giving the blood’s owner a healing factor in the first place, anyway…) to race through their system and heal anything that’s wrong with them. Now, I can self-rationalise some sort of magic pseudo-science when it comes to accelerated healing when you have, you know, pints of the stuff in you, but when a single drop or two can rebuild an infinite amount of physical damage….ehhhh…apparently that’s where I’ll draw the line…

What do you guys think? There’s got to be a few more TV shows or movies where this has happened that I can’t remember – there may even be some sort of rationalisation for it? Let me know in the comments! :-)

Until then, Averagealers, Have a great half-week and we’ll see you here again on Wednesday :-D

Terence MacManus