Hey everyone, and welcome back to another Wednesday with Average Joe!

So today’s post was a bit of fun to do – and a bit daunting as well! I’ve been dreading (and avoiding where possible) doing side-on profiles of my characters for a while now – the early test drawings I did for AJ involved me doing a few things that required the side-angle and I was never happy with the result. Since then, I’ve had a few strips where the original thumbnail sketch had one or more characters in profile, which I then changed to 3/4 view when I came to do the final product (I wussed out).

However, I made it a new year’s resolution that I was going to try and push my art more as I go through 2013, so when I came up with today’s plan, I told myself I just had to do it. I don’t think it came out *too* badly, but now I’ve surmounted the fear of doing it I might be able to put it in a bit more going forward, and give myself more opportunity to practice it as well :-)

Looking forward to Sunday’s strip as well – hopefully should get a laugh or two now that Agent 42 is out of the way and we can begin wrapping up this arc :-)

Will see you then Averageteers!

Terence MacManus