Hey there everyone, Bet you thought I’d forgotten that thing was still sitting around, now didn’tcha?!

For those of you who are wondering, the Disintegrator was dropped by “The Unmaker” 9 strips ago, when Joe biffed him across the foyer of Flinders Street Station.

And forĀ thoseĀ of you unfamiliar with the layout of Flinders Street station (and where the flower stall sits in relation to everything else), they’ve been slowly working their way back to the front of the station ever since… until they’re close enough to where the thing skidded after it was dropped (and subsequently ignored by Agent 42) for the Scientist to pick it up again in today’s comic :-)

So, I wonder where that blast went then…

Tune in on Wednesday to find out, Averageagers!

Terence MacManus