Hello again to everyone and welcome back to the new and (hopefully) improved Average Joe!

Before we get into the blog post this week, a little reminder of why Agent 42 is after Joe in the first place.

And one of the things he has already done to someone who witnessed Joe’s power at work

So, as you all probably noticed, there were a lot of issues with the site over the last week! The problem arose from various issues related to switching my hosting from the awful, downtime-prone server in Singapore, to a fancy swish new server in the US. Add in a few bungles from both my webhost’s and my own end of the process, and you have a site that goes down for a week! Massive thanks to my friend and digital exorcist Darren Cocco who helped straighten the whole mess out for me, and now that the site seems to be up and running smoothly again, regular updates can continue! Yaaaaay!

Speaking of regular updates, there is a new episode of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast with me chattering away on it – be warned though, this one does come with some explicit language, so listener discretion is advised!

Lastly but not leastly, I want to thank everyone one more time for reading the comic; it was really great for me to see that the number of visitors to the site once it went back up have remained about the same as they were before the site went down. Thanks so much for hanging in there guys, I hope to make it worth your while with a few funny and exciting updates as we work our way ahead (and only 10 more to go before we hit strip #100! Woo!)

Thanks again, you guys are the best - we’ll catch you back here again on Wednesday!

Terence MacManus