Hey again everyone! Welcome back to Average Joe :)

So, it felt good to be back at the drawing desk today – I had been away over the past week visiting the tropical north end of the country at Port Douglas, Queensland. It was a great, relaxing holiday and we even squeezed in a few of the touristy things, like seeing wild crocodiles (that is, crocodiles in┬áthe wild, not angry ones. Well, he might have been angry, I dunnno, he’s a crocodile) and snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef (I got pooed on by a parrotfish). But all good things come to an end, and now other good things get to start again!

Looking forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday – gong to be fun fitting the comic around my work schedule again, but I’m sure we’ll do! ;-)

Catch you then Averagolidayers!

Terence MacManus