You know guys…I get a funny little feeling that there might not have been anyone else invited to this Audition…

For those who are new to Average Joe, firstly: Welcome! Secondly, you might want to check out the event discussed in today’s strip…

So, looking down the barrel at a week off from work; going to give me lots of time to work on the comic (and the website) so things are looking good – it’s going to be nice to get a little ahead again, maybe even reclaim some of this mythical buffer I’ve been lamenting for months! Of course, I also just picked up a copy of Avatar in 3D today, so… ;-)

You might have noticed a few new additions to the website already – I have got a couple of extra things sitting on the right hand side of the site: integration with the excellent inkOutbreak service and a direct link to the Average Joe Facebook page. If you’re not already up on it, I’d greatly suggest jumping on board; I utilise the site frequently to give updates on strips (when they’re up, or if they’re running late) as well as some additional content that doesn’t get to the site, such as sneak peeks when I’m working ahead, links to other fun comics, etc.

…and speaking of links to other fun comics, I’d like to make a special mention of Z&G (Zombie and Geist), written by Roland Perez over at MetalJaw comics! This is a pretty fun comic about a Zombie and a Ghost who find themselves just trying to get on with their ‘lives’, thrown together seemingly by circumstance…as the comic develops though, they start to find their own past coming back to *ahem* haunt them in ways they didn’t expect, and they find a particular strength when they finally learn to work together ;-) This is a particularly good week to head over and check the strip out – there’s a guest strip up (done by yours truly) that links back to a few of the characters from his previous main story arcs, and is a good launching-off point to the comic :-D

Lastly, not leastly but definitely lastly; this also marks the final update for the year of 2012, so the next time we meet again the strip will have officially been online for a year! So Happy Birthday to Joe, and happy new year to all you Averaguosos!

Terence MacManus