Hey guys, took us an extra day, but we got there! ;-)

So firstly, my great apologies for missing yesterday’s update – I was away working my day job. As an archaeologist, I sometimes get work which is rather far from the home office – this week saw me working along one of Australia’s greatest natural landmarks: The Great Ocean Road. It was a fantastic office to work in for a couple of days, but unfortunately it meant I found it difficult to juggle the time commitments of fieldwork and Average Joe.

Yet, here we are :)

I am pretty happy with the way this one turned out in the end; one of those things where I’ll probably look back on it in a few months and cringe, but I wanted to draw this strip to try and push my art a little – different angles, objects and expressions than I’m used to doing. Some of the other strips in this arc are going to be a little more artistically challenging as well, so I’m looking forward to them with a mix of excitement and trepidation :)

So, until the next time we meet, have a great week Averagorkelers!

Terence MacManus