Wow, who thought we’d see that guy again! At least now we now where Joe was heading off to before the disintegrator drama :)

For those new to Average Joe, the event mentioned in panel 2 occurred in Strip #8, the first time that we saw Joe trying to work his day job as an actor – check it out here :)

Today’s was pretty fun to write and draw for a few reasons – Drawing the director again now that I’ve had nearly a year of drawing experience since the last time he graced the comic, and also because the experience of calling someone/being on hold for ages always tempts me to take a big swig of whatever I’m drinking. It’s a great way to invoke the phone gods to immediately get you off hold.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping with promoting the comic over the past week! Average Joe has been getting a lot more hits recently; not just in referrals off Facebook and the like, but also through direct searches on Google; which is encouraging as it suggests people are hearing about the strip from word-of-mouth. So again, massive thanks for the efforts put in over the past week or so, and I look forward to seeing how many new suckers we can…I mean, how many more people we can introduce to the strip in the coming weeks :)

Wednesday will get us on our way to the shopping plaza, so don’t forget to tune in and let your friends know about it too! :-D

Will catch you then, Averagatists!

Terence MacManus