Never, never, get between candy and SCIENCE!

So I’m shivering as I write this; Movember is over and my face is feeling the effects of being naked for the first time in a month! Massive thanks to everyone who donated though, especially those at work and at St. Paul’s Anglican church! Your donations meant that my mospace raised $229, bringing the overall company total to an even $1,000! The best part is it’s all for a brilliant cause, and I urge you all to check out Beyond Blue and The Australian Prostate Cancer Foundation if you haven’t already :)

Secondly, I’m going to give a little call to arms if I may; we’re gearing up to our first experience of Average Joe facing off against a villainous villain of villainy and I reckon it’s a great time for a new reader to join in the adventures! So, I’m going to try pushing the comic a little more (at all) over the next few weeks, and I need YOUR help (Yes, you!). If you know someone who would like the comic, please take this time to let them know about it – And if you know someone who’s going to hate it, why not let them know about it in order to spite them? :D Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways for a webcomic to grow, but needs spread and reach to be able to do it effectively…di I mention you guys are all my best friends? :D

Another great way to help Average Joe grow over the next few weeks would be to use the sharing buttons conveniently located under the comic (Facebook), and under this post (everything else :) ) – this is even better cos it’s evenĀ easierĀ to do; you could do it right now! *waits excitedly*

Thanks guys, I really appreciate you all reading, and can’t wait to get Joe’s adventures out to even more people, with your help :)

Until Sunday then, Averaguikers!

Terence MacManus