First off, a few reminders:

Secondly, welcome to Wednesday with Average Joe!

Today’s was actually a pretty fun strip to draw – Got to have a bit of enjoyment drawing Fatale from a few different angles, and I was looking forward to revealing a little more of the mysterious villain of mysteriousness! If anyone was wondering, he’s not going to be the one the scientist is talking about in panel 4, but we’ll get to him eventually!

The next little story arc is actually going to be a rather challenging one I think – I’m wanting to try and branch out a little with the drawing, especially since it’s going to be revolving around the lead up to introducing the first ‘super’villain that Joe is going to face, and I don’t want that to end up being a bit of a fizzle. I think my drawing has got a bit better over the course of the last year (hell, I know it has – I’ve pressed the ‘first comic’ button and shuddered, too) and I think I need to start pushing myself a little more with my art so it doesn’t get too stagnant now I’m getting used to my characters. The kicker with that is seeing whether it’s going to take me much longer to draw some of the more visually interesting stuff I want to start doing – hopefully I’ll still be able to get the strips up on time, but depending on the difficulty of the drawing there might have to be a few updates going up late (such as, say, a 12:00 update). We’ll see, I’ll make sure to keep you posted, and any late updates will be announced on the Average Joe Facebook Page (which you can Like! I like it…) and on my twitter feed (@tcmacmanus)

So until Sunday Averagiators, Have a great end of week!

Terence MacManus