Hi everyone, and welcome back to another exciting week of Average Joe!

Poor Fatale, looks like she’s finally had enough of those two goofing off. It can be hard getting the job done sometimes…

unless she’s referring to another job there? After all, She and Joe must have been plotting something together to wind up the way they were when we met them…hmmm… I wonder if that might get revealed soon? :-D

Haven’t got to go see Skyfall yet, much to our disappointment –  I hear it’s really good! Looking forward to seeing it; anyone else lurking here that liked/disliked it? Let me know in the comments (No spoilers, lol!)!

Looking forward to the next couple of updates, going to spend one or two more in the present day with these guys, then we’re going to get back to story time and start moving into the events which brought us to comic #1 – hey, it’s only been something like a year, we’ll find out how those two met eventually :)

Until Wednesday, have a great week, Averagaders!

Terence MacManus