Hi everyone, and welcome to another week of Average Joe!

For those of you who are wondering at the title and event referred to from the first panel today, I invite you to check out last week’s strip

In other exciting news, today’s strip was half written on my trusty old hated awful old PC computer on which I started this webcomics journey nearly a year ago, and then was finished off on my swish whiz-bang new iMac that I bought on Friday! This is my first time with a Mac (not counting the iPhone), so it will be interesting to see how things go with it over the next little while :)

One of the best things I might geek out a little about here though, is the sheer size of the screen on it! I have a photograph up on the Average Joe Facebook page showing the setup I have now with Mac, tablet, etc. for those who are interested in seeing my workspace :) works quite well, too!

Lastly, (I promised the Major that I would mention this), today was Remembrance day – I hope everyone can find some time to stop and think about the sacrifices that were made for us by so many serving men and women fighting for the ideals and safety of our nation.

Thanks everyone! Look forward to seeing you all again back here on Wednesday, Averageoldiers!

Terence MacManus