So, today’s comic was a pretty big learning experience for me!

I am a Star Wars fan from way back; I was lucky enough that the first time I saw the movies it was on the big screen, during the re-release to celebrate the 20th anniversary (1997). It was magical, and I’ve loved the universe ever since (well, mostly)!

So when it came time to make today’s comic, I made one of the easiest mistakes a cartoonist can make – I drew something that presumed everybody reading it was just as into the subject matter as I was…

Based on some expert editorial advice…yeah, they really aren’t…

I’ve put a more detailed explanation of what happened with the original version of the comic on the Average Joe Facebook Page, as well as a photo of the section I changed for the site, so be sure to check it out there for the amazing exclusive content! ;-)

The one thing I will add here is a link to Mark Hamill’s Wikipedia page: Yes, that is Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) I drew there in panels 3 and 4. He’s not quite…what he once was (to be fair, it’s been 35 years; I look a lot different now compared to how I did then, too!)(-10). The other thing I’ll say is that this was amazing fun to do; all my life I’ve watched people create things within, related to, or parodying the Star Wars universe. Today, I got to add something of my own, no matter how small :)

Thanks for reading, Averagexperts, and we’ll catch you all again on Wednesday!

Terence MacManus