Hi guys,

As I’m sure you can see above, there is going to be no comic posted today. I was so determined to go as far as I could without missing an update, but unfortunately the past week has been…draining.

As many of you know from my previous posts (and the state of the site’s access), there have been a LOT of issues with the website over the past few weeks. This was narrowed down to a server issue and I have organised a new server for the site to be moved to, although it will require backing up the site in full, which has so far not been possible due to the timing-out issues. This has been quite a drain on the time I would normally use to write and draw the comic. To make matters worse, towards the end of last week my wife was critically ill and had to spend two days in hospital. She is out of danger now, but is going to need a while to recover from the ordeal and needs care whilst doing so. This means the majority of my time over the last week has been spent in avenues other than producing a new comic.

Therefore, Average Joe will not be updating with a new comic until the 28th of October (2012).

I will still try and post something over the next week and a half; whether that be some sketches (such as the one above which I am working into a new ad campaign) or a blog post, however it will not be a full canonical comic. I will be spending the intervening time attempting to finally fix my site issues once and for all, and to build up a small buffer if I can so that future issues will not impact the comic in such a manner (like the buffer comic I used on Sunday).

My apologies to you all for the situation; I love putting this comic out for you guys, but my greatest love will of course remain reserved for my wife – Average Joe is not going away but, as for all great superheroes, duty calls!

Thanks to everyone for your understanding, and we’ll see you back here soon. Keep your eye on the Average Joe Facebook page and my twitter feed (@tcmacmanus) for updates on extra content I am able to put up before the 28th :)

Take care, and be well

Terence MacManus