Hey everyone!

I’d like to start with a word of explanation – I promised I’d be posting a few of my thoughts on the movie “Looper”, but as some of you may have noticed, I’ve been having a lot of hosting problems with my site – I have set up the section where the post will appear, In The Director’s Chair but unfortunately every time I try to post the writeup on “Looper”, the site times out (it doesn’t like adding new pages at all). Therefore all I’ll say for now is – Looper is awesome, go watch it, and I will be hopefully resolving the site issues soon!

So I’ve finally been able to tie down the layout of Joe’s house (or at least a couple of the most frequently used rooms!) – hooray! You might notice that the last few strips show a progression from the kitchen area through to the lounge room/front hallway from a couple of angles – it has presented a fun kind of challenge to get the angles and the layout right!

Today’s strip also marks the official strip where the Scientist has joined the brothers Smith in the house – he’ll be staying for a while so I imagine some mayhem (and possibly some suit-clad trouble?) may follow!

The strip also shows a dream of mine when I was very young  - I had always thought it would be an awesome idea that, when I grew up and bought a house, I could burrow underneath it and make new rooms, turning a single-storey house into a two, three, ten storey complex of rooms and warrens! Like the Batcave!! Of course, now I’m a lot older and don’t indulge such ridiculous ideas now that I know my wife won’t let me.

Catch you back here on Sunday, Averageologists!

Terence MacManus