So in case anyone is wondering, today’s title is in response to Joe’s question in the last strip.

If today’s scene looks familiar, this might be the reason why…

And if the bald guy at the table looks a little unfamiliar to anyone here, that’s because we last saw him in strip 37, from the 12th of August.What’s he doing back, you ask? Well maybe I’m not telling! Or maybe it’s going to be in Sunday’s strip. You know, whatever.

Today is my three-year anniversary! Yaaaaay! (of marriage, that is, not of Average Joe!) So no choir rehearsal to dash off to tonight without giving you a blog post; instead we have a lovely dinner to rush off to without giving you a blog post. Much more better! Hrm.

Actually, because we’re that kind of geeky, part of our romantic night out to celebrate will involve a screening of ‘Looper’ so you guys won’t be completely forgotten! I’ll be posting a few of my thoughts on the film in my next post; I’ll let you all know if it comes before the next comic update (unlikely, but stranger things have happened…) on the Average Joe Facebook Page.

So until then have a great week, Averagesaurs!

Terence MacManus