Oh, silly Joe! An actor should know what happens after the hero says something like that! It’s almost like a story moving into Act II or something…

Sorry for those who were waiting for a blog post on Wednesday! We had some little people visiting (no, not leprechauns!) over the last few days and they’ve been keeping us rather busy! Still, the record continues for not missing a comic update, so looking on the bright side!

Speaking of the comic, I hope that the scene in panel 4 has come across well enough? The large square thing in the lower right hand side of the panel is meant to be a rear view of a television, showing the events that were filmed earlier that day. Let me know in the comments if you found that clear enough or not!

Some things are going to start happening following the events of today’s strip! Looking forward to showing you all in the coming weeks :)

Catch you on Wednesday, Average-sama’s!

Terence MacManus