Hi guys, welcome back to Average Joe!

In case people were wondering, today’s comic takes place outside the front of the bank we first saw in Strip #44, where our dashing hero foiled a bank robbery during Wednesday’s Strip.

Lucky Joe had that hoodie with him to cover up his face before going on TV, eh! It’s almost like someone was thinking aHEAD (geddit?) several weeks ago when Joe left for his audition! You know, sometimes I amaze even myself (not that that’s too hard…;-))

We also get a new character in today’s strip (one day, that cast page will be updated again…promise!); this news reporter is likely to crop up on the scene to cover some more cunning exploits as Joe’s career progresses, so watch this space!

In other news, I am going to be starting a bit of a campaign to promote the comic over the next couple of weeks: I think it’s finally getting to a state where the art is being fairly consistent (I may have just about got used to drawing on this wonderful Intuos4!), and there’s getting to be a good number of strips in the archives for new readers to browse through and get a handle on what the comic has to offer. So if anyone out there knows someone who might be interested in the comic, it’d be great if you passed on a link to them and introduced them to Average Joe, our resident Melbournian superhero! Better yet, give a tap on the Facebook ‘Like’button at the base of the comic, and show it off to friends and enemies alike :-D

Next week we have another domestic strip to look forward to as Joe gets back home to his brother and career manager…and who knows? Perhaps we might even get back to seeing how Joe and Fatale are progressing down that corridor sometime in the weeks to come…:-D

Will see you back here on Wednesday, where Average is Awesome!

Terence MacManus