Hi everyone, welcome back to Average Joe!

Wow, embarrassing! But then, who hasn’t done this, amirite?

So I have a bit of news to announce here today. As some of you may be aware, I sing with a local church choir under a scholarship funds which offsets the cost of singing lessons (which improves the quality of my singing in the choir). As part of this scholarship, I have to meet a few obligations (such as turning up). The news I have to relate is that it was recently decided that the scholarship participants should spend a bit more time at the Wednesday night rehearsals…about an extra hour/hour and a half to be exact. Now, this might mean that on the occasions when I am working late at my day job, or are out in the field and travelling long distances, it may be hard for me to post the Wednesday night update at the regular time. SO, I just wanted to flag early with everyone that I might be experimenting with mixing up the schedule a bit; there’ll still be two updates a week, but I might have to shuffle the time of the Wednesday update to be a bit later, or consider updating on a different day of the week…

Of course, ideally I would just finish the strip on a Tuesday and schedule the post for the Wednesday night, but let’s not get crazy here ;-)

Anyway, just wanted to flag the possibility with everyone; going to do my best to keep things as they are, but will let you know if it’s getting a bit much to keep the 8:00 Wednesday update time…and will let you know what the plans be :-)

Until Sunday then, enjoy the downhill run to the weekend, Averagigoes!

Terence MacManus