Hooray! Post up for Sunday!

So, remember that time when I said I was going to explore a little more of the relationship between the two brothers over the coming weeks in the blog post? :-D I almost surprise myself when I live up to my promises!

So the new character to meet this week is ‘Mate’ – the pet Cockatoo owned by Tobias (Joe’s Brother). Mate is named after my Dad’s old cockatoo, which he got sometime in his early 20′s and who only died a few years back, at the ripe old age of some 50+ years. So unless he goes the way of the only other character in the strip to fly so far, expect to see him pop up for a while yet ;-)

Wednesday will see Joe venture out into the wild blue yonder; should be a fun ride so don’t forget to check back in and see him flex his acting skills at the audition!

See you then, Averageites!

Terence MacManus

*edit* I also just wanted to say I’m more than a little proud of the way I drew Mate in this one! Will probably (hopefully) look back at the drawing months from now and shudder, but for the moment I must admit to being pretty pleased :-)