Hey! Welcome back to the mid-week Average Joe fix :)

So, as people may have guessed from today’s strip, Joe is still having a little trouble mastering his newfound powers…such as like here. Important to remember, too, that this strip occurs chronologically in the future to today’s as well, so I probably wouldn’t expect him to get too much of a handle on it too quickly ;-)

Not really much else to say about today’s strip, actually, other than I’m really looking forward to writing more of Tobias in the coming few weeks – I get the feeling that he’s going to be a lot of fun as a character and I’ve been looking forward to getting Joe at home.

Speaking of which, I suppose I’m going to have to really nail down what his house is supposed to look like if I want to start featuring it continuously in the coming strips (and forever)…eep!

Still a’workin’ on that idea of rebuilding the buffer too. Getting nowhere, but working on it ;-) I mention it only because I’m going to be insanely proud when I build it up again so darn it, I’m going to build up expectations! :-D

Well, Joeites, I look forward to catching you again come Sunday!

Terence MacManus