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Now, to business :-)

Whoo! New character! Everyone, this is Joe’s brother, Tobias. Tobias, this is everyone. There, who says I suck at introductions? ;-D

Joe lives with his brother, and the nature of their relationship will be explored over the next few comics – Tobias is going to be a main character in the cast, so I’m looking forward to introducing him to you all!

The next few weeks are going to be a little bit of a detour from some of the over-arcing story points, as well. Joe and his lady companion are still making their way through the (as-yet) unknown lair as he relates these stories to her; don’t worry about missing anything important there though – they’re walking at precisely the speed of plot and I’m willing to bet that we’ll catch up with them again once they get to something important ;-) . There are some stories that I want to be able to tell from when Joe first got back home with his new-found powers, so going to be taking this opportunity to do so :-)

Also, have tried reducing the size of the loaded image this week, so hopefully the strip should be loading on people’s screens a lot faster now :-) .

Thanks for reading, everyone! Has been great to have so many new readers come through the doors in the past couple of weeks, and look forward to (hopefully!) getting a giggle out of you all in the coming strips :-D

’till Wednesday,

Terence MacManus