Hmmm…not exactly the best sidekick ever, then.

So this one took way too long to draw! I really need to get the hang of thinking about my comics before I sit down to do them…a little forethought and i might not have decided (on the fly) to change the scene in every one of the TV images in the background…or if I had decided to do that, I might have decided to make the images a little more simple and static, or alternatively not have shrunk them down to such a small size that they were hardly visible after all the effort I put in. Well, live and learn! The good news is that I can share a legible size of those images at the Average Joe Facebook page

Of course, there’s also a few plot details I could be talking about here…whup! look at that! All outta time for the blog, guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the next installment has for us :-D

Catch you on Sunday!

Terence Macmanus