Whoops! Gu3ess Agent 42 should have jumped in a little earlier on that one…

For those of you new to Average Joe this week, the incidents referred to by the inspector in this comic are the videotape made of the superpowers working, and the subsequent burning down of the experimental facility.

So I wanted to add something else quick to the post today regarding Wednesday’s comic. So, the front of Joe’s clothes are shown to be clearly marked from the fire, and the fringes of his burned clothing at the back are shown very singed. So why does Joe’s naked back show up completely clean?! It hit me in the middle of the night Thursday that I hadn’t written the explanation in the blog post, so here it is: What happened was that the fire burned Joe’s skin as it burned off his clothing, and his healing power grew back a bunch of nice bright pink new skin underneath! So there’s my explanation behind that – probably nobody was wondering, but now you know something about what keeps me up at night ;-)

Thanks everyone for reading! Looking forward to seeing you here on Wednesday :-)

Terence MacManus