Sometimes the titles to these strips just write themselves :-)

Also, a quick reminder why the back of Joe’s clothes are burned away, for those who missed Sunday’s comic.

So the inevitable curse of the webcartoonist has finally hit me; I have run out of comics in my buffer! Not to worry though, there’s plenty of time between now and Sunday and I hope to get a little ahead again during that time.

Please don’t hit the ‘back’ button on Sunday’s blog post to reread that declaration, it’ll be embarrassing for everyone.

As mentioned in my last post, and very visible to the right of the comic, Average Joe is now open to advertisers on Project Wonderful – I have also been running a few ads of my own on other webcomics around the globe, so welcome to the site if you have clicked through one of the links – I hope you can get a giggle out of the site and keep coming back on Sundays and Wednesdays (or Mondays and Thursdays, depending on which timezone you live at!). I’ve been pretty pleased with some of the increased traffic in the past couple of weeks, fingers crossed that some people like the comic enough to become regulars! :-D

So until next week guys, stay awesome and thanks so much for reading!

Terence MacManus