Today’s strip was fun – I kinda love that the way these guys would react to a woman fainting right in front of them would be just to watch it happen! Those cads.

On another note, thanks to everyone who visited the site last week, and an especial welcome to the new visitors! We had record numbers this week for Average Joe, which is a really, really encouraging thing to see! Rest assured that there’s more Average Joe to come, and things are going to be getting pretty exciting in the next couple of weeks ;-)

Some site changes coming up in the next week or two as well; I will be fixing up some parts of the background image and adding on a couple of ad boxes to the site as well. Looking forward to announcing a site which will be getting close to finished – don’t forget to check on to the Average Joe Facebook Page to stay up to date with all the Average Joe news as it happens!

Until next week, friends!

Terence MacManus