Whoah! An update for Average Joe in the middle of the week! Your mind is blown!

For those of you who don’t remember what was going on prior to the strip today, I recommend that you check out the posts from the preceding weeks, found herehere and here. Also worth remembering one of our hero’s superpowers.

Actually, the update nearly didn’t happen as promised this week! Was suddenly sent out to Port Fairy on a job after making the announcement on Sunday, and wasn’t at home where the USB I carefully prepared with tonight’s update, is still sitting (I have the memory of a goldfish). For those of you unfamiliar with Victoria’s landscape, Port Fairy is in the Western Districts and about 3 hours drive from Geelong, meaning I couldn’t really pop back and get it. Happily, my dear wife was able to email me the data, and so here we are successfully delivering the first mid-week Average Joe update!

Hope you guys have enjoyed the update, and I hope to keep delivering a more frequent schedule of strips to you all – it will really help move the story along as well and we’ll be able to get into some of the really fun stuff I have planned for the future!

Will see you all back here on Sunday as normal :-)

Terence MacManus