Whoo! Nearly didn’t get this posted on time today! As those of you who follow on Facebook would already know, my choir was set to be singing at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne today, in the evening, making it impossible for me to be sitting here at 8:00 to ensure the comic was delivered on time! Luckily, there was just enough time between the finish of the morning choir session at church and the departure time for this evening’s performance to get the comic up! Hurrah!

So today we see what the Scientist was referring to in the last comic (found here for those who can’t remember!)…you may also remember the earlier mention of an inspection that was to be held…

One other great thing to notice is the updated background and footer for the site! Major thanks to Darren Cocco, an old mate of mine, for jumping in and spending a couple hours of his own time working on the site with me this week; seriously, you rock!

Hope you have enjoyed it, but I’ll have to leave the comments at that for today, as I have to make the run to the city for tonight ;-)

Cheers, and we’ll see you next week!

Terence MacManus