It’s that time of week again Average people! This episode of Average Joe is brought to you from our new house here in Grovedale – two weeks after we got the keys, the internet is finally up and running and I’m now able to post with the convenience of home :-)

For those of you who are new to the story, or for those with impending-Monday-induced memory loss, a previous example of what happens when Joe ‘webs’himself can be found here.

You might also recognize the suit that our gallant hero is wearing in this comic! This is chronologically the first appearance of the suit that Joe is wearing when we met him in comic #1. Expect to see more things crop up in the coming weeks that point back to the early strips (and link the different, possibly forgotten, plotlines); don’t worry, I will link back to them where appropriate!

Things are settling down after the move now and I have been able to time myself over the course of a couple of weeks – I am now about a month ahead with completed strips at a once-weekly schedule, or two weeks at a twice-a-week update schedule. I’m going to give myself another week or two before taking the plunge and officially moving to the planned twice-a-week updates just to make sure I’ve figured out my process for getting them done on time! The change to the update schedule will be announced here and on the Average Joe Facebook page, so make sure you sign up to follow the page for the update!

Will see you guys next week!

Terence MacManus