Hi everyone, and welcome to a very special week of Average Joe!

This week, my wife and I moved into our new house in Grovedale (south side of Geelong); the move is so fresh that there are still boxes absolutely everywhere (the removalists only left at about 6:30 last night), and of course the internet hasn’t been connected yet! So we made a special trip back to the old place where we can use the wi-fi to give you this update :-)

Hopefully you guys will still be seeing this post at the regular time – I have tried using the ‘schedule’ function on the website to make sure it updates at the usual time…we’ll see how it all goes!

Working hard to make a bit of a buffer, too, so that I can start updating more frequently one we’re settled into the new place. About a week ahead at the moment (ie – 2 strips), so stay tuned for updates going twice-weekly in a few weeks!

And last but not least, Average Joe now has a facebook fan page where information like changes to the update schedule, and the time when the comics are up, can be found! You can check it out here

So until next week, cheers!

Terence MacManus