Hi everyone, welcome back to another week of Average Joe!

As you can see, going through the process to become a Supersoldier isn’t all sun and roses! Sometimes things happen where the sun don’t shine and the roses don’t…well…who doesn’t know how that saying goes?

Clearly I had decided over the last week that my humour was going far too high-brow…

In other news, I have the next two weeks off work to prepare the house for the imminent move! I plan to spend as much time as I can between boxing up everything in the house, at the drawing desk to get a good start on a thick buffer before going twice-weekly after the move. Really looking forward to getting the second update a week going, as I really want to start moving the story forward and get the characters properly into place over the next few months. Hopefully I can settle down the drawing style, too, and have something a little more consistent ;-)

Looking forward to the weeks ahead, hope you all keep coming back as the comic continues to grow and starts to get a bit more happening story, character, and site-wise :-)


Terence MacManus