Hi everyone! Another week of Average Joe ahead – I guess this week Joe should consider himself lucky that He still has all the regulation arms and eyes, in addition to the apparent hulk-grade stretchy pants he seems to have acquired!

So last week I tried putting the strip up on Reddit, and I have to say I was very pleased with the results – last week saw the greatest weekly hits since the comic started! Thank you all for reading, and welcome back to any new readers that are returning from the past couple of weeks’! It’s great to have you all reading, and I really appreciate everyone who passes the comic along to their friends as well :)

So the next few weeks are going to be pretty hectic – we are officially moving into our first (owned) home on the 15th – as this is a weekly-updated comic (and I have a small buffer in place) there shouldn’t be any interruption in the update schedule, however for those who are interested in such things this date marks the point where I really want to kick the updates up a small notch and start pumping out two strips a week… details about the proposed update schedule to come in the next few weeks, presuming that 1) I get more organised, and 2) My wife doesn’t kill me once I tell her (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read the blog posts…;-))

So until things are set in stone, please enjoy the strip above and remember to keep telling your friends about the adventures of Average Joe :-)

Terence MacManus