Hey all, another week of Average Joe for you to enjoy! Comic is posted a little late tonight as I was busy all day at a couple of events with the Sunday choir I sing with and had to tear back to Geelong from East St. Kilda to post!

If anyone is getting a little lost and confused with the story (as it’s unfolding very slowly over the past few months); Joe and the mysterious woman have just freed themselves from the deadly death trap of death over which they were tied (http://ajcomic.com/?p=242http://ajcomic.com/?p=240)and are now hot (and fed) on the trail of the equally mysterious dastardly villain who captured them (seen here: http://ajcomic.com/?p=167). Who knows what cunning scheme is about to be thwarted?!

Also good news is the updated website header you might have noticed at the top of the page! Certainly beats the old one; finally figured out how to produce the image at the right size and resolution for the space up there – next step is to get a decent background to the site that beats the blazing white; maybe in time for next week :)

Until then, stay happy!

Terence MacManus

P.S – I know nobody may notice or care, but the artist in me is screaming to explain the lack of bloodstain on Joe’s chest in today’s strip, clearly visible from his sword wound in the previous two strips. This actually is deliberate  - I’m using the rationale that the cunning escape by swimming through the shark tank will have washed the stain out (therefore not requiring me to clutter up an outfit that readers have never before seen in its entirety, in its first full-body frame). So apparently a tank full of live sharks can achieve what nappy-san has been trying to do for decades and remove stains in one easy application. There you go, you get a comic and a washing tip today – try it at home! :)