…Well, hoped it would take more than just 19 strips…

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “Jumping the Shark”refers to the generally accepted ‘point of no return’ for a series, generally marking the point where whatever magic the series had officially died (taken from a particular episode of “Happy Days”where the climax of the show [and many argue, the series] had the Fonz jump-waterskiing over a shark…The Fonz. A Shark. Yeah.).

Nevertheless, this strip is actually one of the ones that I am proudest about – I have very rare circumstances where I can think up a joke that works entirely without dialogue, and was pretty happy with the way that the drawing turned out for this! And hey, if you agree or disagree, now might be a good time to let me know about it in the comments (available below this post) ;-)

Thanks again for reading, guys – the pageviews I’ve been getting over the past few weeks are steadily climbing; keep letting your friends know about the comic! I plan to make some updates to the website in the next couple of weeks, too, so hopefully it should be a bit more to look at after that as well ;-)

Take care, will see you back here next week!


Terence MacManus