Hi all, welcome to new readers, and welcome back to our regulars! Another week of Average Joe is here: A nice return to the…capabilities?… of our hero :)

So, as a point of interest for readers, this week marked the first one where I started to get the comic ‘out there’ as it were; I added an entry for Average Joe on Comixpedia, which did result in a few more visits (and hopefully a few return visitors – say Hi!). A good sign, and one I hope to build on in the coming weeks!

So for those of you who have visited this week, I can promise that things will start moving in fun directions pretty soon – in fact, I think that next week might just get us back to a familiar scene…I’m starting to inch a little more ahead in my backlog as well, which looks positive for those of you looking forward to reading two strips a week; hopefully not too far in the future as we might think ;-)

Anyway, hope that you have enjoyed today’s strip – will see you back here next Sunday for the next installement of Average Joe!


Terence MacManus