Oh dear… that would be awkward if it didn’t seem Agent 42 was going to enjoy it so much ;-)

If anyone’s forgotten how these guys found our dashing hero (or is new to the site), then you should probably check out this strip from a fortnight ago: http://ajcomic.com/?p=213

In other news, I finally worked out how to draw the word balloons for the strip in Photoshop; saves exporting/importing the file through photoshop and illustrator, so the quality of the strip should be much better again from now on! Whew!

And finally, speaking of balloons, it was my Dad’s 80th birthday this week! So happy birthday to him, and may you all please stand at your desks and join in a round of the birthday song…brilliant! You all have wonderful voices :-)

Will catch you all next week!


Terence MacManus