Hi all! Welcome back to Average Joe for another week!

Today’s comic is a bit of a throwback, for those of you who might not remember the goings-on from earlier episodes, I suggest you look here: http://ajcomic.com/?p=158

I realise with a weekly updating schedule it’s a bit much to rely on people’s memories: this type of strip works much better for a more regular update: I’m looking at these first few with a longer term goal in mind though – when these are all in the archives, new readers jumping back to the start will likely read through the first bunch in a single sitting, so it will flow much better in that way. Plus, with the notion of going to a twice-weekly update in a few months, this style of strip will work much better.

So on that note, we’ll leave it there for the week, and I’ll catch you back here next Sunday!

Terence macmanus