Poor Joe, the last thing you want to see after a hard day is…well, that. But at least Joe and the Major have finally appeared in the same panel! I get the feeling it won’t be the last time we see them together – especially in the coming weeks ;-)

If anyone is confused by what actually happened in today’s comic, I invite you to hit the ‘back’ button underneath the comic – two hits should get you back where the Major was flying unfortunately close to some power lines…you might even see someone else familiar wandering below ;-)

As you also may have noticed, the art has changed for this strip. That’s because this is….*dramatic overture*

The first strip done with the WACOM Intuos4 tablet! *applause*

All the strips from herein are going to be done with this, although there was a definite ‘phase-in’ period with this too: the art is definitely getting better as I go along, so if the early ones seem a little grating, I beg your indulgence for a few more :-)

Hope you enjoyed this week’s strip, and look forward to having you back next week!

Terence MacManus


PS – feel free to add your own sound effects by humming and applauding *as denoted above*. Unless you’re reading this at work.

PPS – Actually, especially if you’re reading this at work!