Hi all, welcome back to Average Joe!

Guess what, today’s post marks the official 1-month mark for the comic! I know it’s a small milestone, but the nature of the general longevity of webcomics out in the wide, wild internet means each little milestone is a bit of an achievement.

Today also marks the fourth-last of the comics in my buffer drawn using Inkscape, which further means we’re closer to those which were drawn using my Intuos4 (WACOM tablet). Better start preparing you guys for the upcoming art switchover, as it looks a bit different to the crisper lines of the vector art here (at least for the first few where I’m getting the hang of the thing). It has cut down my production time though, and I’m starting to get a few more comics in my buffer, which is nicely on track for continuing Joe’s adventures ;)

The next few weeks will see things moving forward plotwise as well – hope you keep tuning in and getting some fun out of reading, cos I’m sure looking forward to revealing what’s going on; who the mysterious chaired figure is, the connection between Joe and his story, and most importantly how he found himself tied in this diabolical death-trap!

See you next week,

Terence MacManus