Welcome back for week three of Average Joe! Man, we’re still with these guys? Who even ARE they? Maybe we should check the cast page at the top left of the site and find out ;-)

So I said last week I’d talk a little about how I make the comics. So far, the three that have been posted (and the next 3 – 4 to follow) have all been produced using a program called Inkscape; a freeware drawing program available on the net. It’s a pretty handy program, and really good for doing detailed drawing for plans, structural drawings, etc – except that the version I have doesn’t work (likely as it’s freeware) with the fancy new WACOM tablet I got for Christmas (which lets me draw directly on to the computer). I’m pretty keen to use the WACOM in making the comic, as up until now the process involved drawing the strip out on paper, scanning it in to the computer, tracing over the whole thing again in Inkscape using the mouse, then doing all the colouring and lettering. As you can guess, that was taking up a LOT of time! I’ll expand on the differences between that way and my new method with the WACOM when those strips start to go up in a few weeks time.

The other benefit is that moving away from this style of working is making the whole process quicker – which means once I get a bit of a system worked out I should be able to do a few more frequent updates, and ultimately move to two updates a week. Until then, hope you enjoy this one, and we’ll see you back here next week!